Mike has a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University (1991), and a Master of Divinity from McMaster Divinity College (2000).  In the past he has worked in a family business, in private industry, and now for himself.  He is ordained with the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual, has practiced pastoral ministry in the past, but now uses his education and experience as tools to coach and guide others.

His M.Div. has allowed him to enter a process known as “Clinical Pastoral Education,” which is recognized by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) as a valid path towards certification.  His focus now is operating an Online Personal Training business, as well as Life Coaching practice, while he finishes his education.  His goal is to become a Registered Psychotherapist.

Mike has an interest in helping people, and himself has struggled in the past with anxiety and depression.  Through being mentored and coached, as well as himself having sought extensive psychotherapy, he has discovered a pattern of living that affords him freedom from the old, unhelpful thought patterns.  His education and experience have served as the basis for his coaching program: “10-weeks to a New You.” This program has successfully helped many remove obstacles from their lives preventing them from achieving the best life available to them.

With a fully equipped gym in his basement, he is an avid fan of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  Once 95 lbs overweight, to-date he has maintained a normal weight for almost 17 years.  He also operates a successful online personal training business, specializing in general fitness and weight loss. 

He has 3 cats and two dogs, all of whom he rescued, and he enjoys spending time with them when he can.

Mike has made it a priority to learn as much as he can in the areas of self-improvement.  His move away from being active in the Ministry is the result of his process of self-discovery; that helping people to find their own path is the work he prefers to do.

His training and experience in the Ministry, his track record of success in his coaching practice, and his current educational pursuits all come together to make Mike a highly effective life coach.  If you think you might benefit from working with him, he would be happy to hear from you.  Call/text at 647-677-6025, e-mail at mike@mikemackinnon.ca, or fill out the contact form here